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adamwill wrote 2019-07-22 21:49:00 +0000

seems to be a bootloader issue writing to /dev/nvram since 20190719.n.1.


adamwill wrote 2019-03-15 18:51:30 +0000

Thanks for looking into that, Michel.


michelmno wrote 2019-03-15 05:41:39 +0000

since composes 20190310 f30/rawhide boot are blocked by  brc#1687882


adamwill wrote 2018-04-25 21:28:04 +0000

The problem that's shown up between 20180419.n.0 and 20180420.n.0 is that the Welcome screen is sometimes not focused on boot of anaconda. I've seen this happen once or twice to x86_64 tests too, but it seems to happen to almost all ppc64 tests.

Not much changed in the 20180420.n.0 compose, though. The most obvious suspects I guess are the clutter and libglvnd updates that changed some dependencies...


michelmno wrote 2018-02-21 08:28:32 +0000

since compose 20180217 many tests failed because of  brc#1546693 fuzzy "welcome to Fedora Rawhide" panel